In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful!

We are starting this website today with a mission and it is essential to understand that mission in order to understand why it has been named ‘Pakism’. Note that the audience of this website is not necessarily Pakistani. Although we are mostly focused on Pakistan as it is the country we live in and it is our responsibility more than any other country in the world.

As things progress we will share bios of the team behind Pakism one by one. For now lets focus on the more important point. ‘Pakism’ is derived from Pakistan. You have already read the title and you know that it has something to do with entrepreneurship. Yes that is whrat we want to promote and that is the revolution we want to bring about. Our mission  to make Pakistan a successful nation and it starts from individuals. We believe making Pakistanis successful will eventually make Pakistan successful.

Now why entrepreneurship?

Simple Answer. It gives you wings:)

Deep Thought: We don’t really take entrepreneurship as per its traditional definition and let us quote Wikipedia here that defines an entrepreneur as:

“a person who starts, organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk“.

To understand this point lets take a look at what bestselling author Brian Tracy did in one of his bestsellers. He took the term ‘salesperson’ and painted it on a larger canvas. He started off as a sales trainer and ended up teaching Personal development , leadership , Time management and he came up with this notion that whatever you are doing in your life it is ‘sales’ and if you can manage that you can surely manage sales. Interesting isn’t it?


Likewise there was this bestseller from Stephen Covey. Selling more than 25 million copies worldwide is SOMETHING! And we can bet it is still being sold. Now Stephen and Brian weren’t the only two guys who were into these topics. There are hundreds of other books and websites that offer training on these topics but mentioning them was important as we will be exploring rather comparing their approach with ours. A somewhat detailed post on the comparison between the two approaches is also due.

Now lets come to the point. If we ask you to look at all the topics these authors have written about and summarize all of them in one single work.

What would that be?

What do they essentially teach?

What is the ‘Master Topic’ their readers are looking for?

What is the ‘goal’ most people reading their books or taking their training want  to achieve?

The answer in one word :


Simple isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to be successful? So if this author writes a book that teaches how to be successful generally most would be interested.



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