Uber releases new feature in Pakistan

App-based Ridesharing Services, Uber , has introduced a new feature multi-destination for users in Pakistan through which people will be able to stop at different locations during their ride.

According to a report from Pro-Pakistani, this new feature will provide users with extra stops during their travel so that they can pick and other people.Passengers will also be able to see the rent of all stops before sitting in the car so that they can plan their journey accordingly.

In addition, users can also add destinations during the ride and it will automatically update the journey in Uber for both the passenger and the driver.

This service is best for people who want to take along their friends, children or others while going to a place or can also be used to stop for shopping or food when going to a place.

Prior to Pakistan, this feature was tested in New Zealand and proved to be quite successful.

It remains to be seen how successful the feature is in Pakistan and how quickly Uber’s competitor Careem comes up with something like this. Despite the feature not being present earlier the customers do get similar facility by directly asking the driver to take an alternate route or pick a friend or stop for a while for shopping. In this particular case the trip would be more planned for the driver because otherwise if the passenger makes stops the driver has to be told personally.

There is a feeling among some users that the drivers want to avoid staying with them longer because some of the drivers are doing this part-time and they want to move ahead with rest of their activities. So if this feature would ensure that only a driver who is available for all the stops that you want to make commits to the ride then this might be a time-saver for passengers.

Generally Uber and Careem have solved a lot of problems for the passengers but drives have recently been complaining of lower returns as compared to earlier period. It remains to be seen how this feature is adopted by drives because some people do feel drivers do not want to be bound for long with one passenger.


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