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Donald Trump and Afghanistan - A love Story

Donald Trump’s presidency campaign was a treat to watch for everyone around the world.It offered great entertainment value and left us with no doubt with his ‘utility’ at the WWE:

However when he took the presidency all the ‘big talk’ just vanished in thin air. Generally ther is not even a small percentage of change in any policy including the ‘foreign’ one (which is a bit too foreign when it comes to USA). And by change we mean the one that is for the good so discount all the changes that have just made things worst.So the whole point of putting a character like that in the Presidency meant you can take all sorts of foolish and unpopular decisions. Well done American Establishment! Nice Pick.

Now it may not really hurt the Americans. They will be fine most of the time especially the ones that are white. But for the countries that are ‘foreign’ and yet not so foreign to the American military – they are going to have some hard time. One of them obviously is Afghanistan. We should be talking about Pakistan as well since both Afghanistan and Pakistan are quite similar. They sometimes behave like babies who do not want to grow up and always want Daddy to be around helping them with something or the other. Now that is exactly what they have been conveying to the US for some time now. ‘Don’t just go yet’ as you will leave chaos behind like you did in 19 – something. We , the commoners of this world , are sometimes left with no choice but to scratch our heads when such things are said. We tried to look at the map of the world and tried to find a single place that prospered with US military presence but we simply couldn’t. In fact US military’s presence and stability in the region are inversely proportional to each other. So its really hard to understand why would Afghanistan and Pakistan want US to stay. There was so much to learn from Syria , Iraq , Libya  and Afghanistan itself … but the policy makers read other books than we do.

When Trump was running for Presidency he said he will withdraw the troops from Afghanistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan both said it would be a disaster for the region. But now that Trump has retracted from his original instinct of withdrawal it seems the opinion is now split. The split is more on the Afghan side though. Pakistan generally did not like the speech. They felt they were called out unfairly for providing safe havens to terrorist which they did not. The biggest concern was the role Trump cited for India. From what we have understood of the speech Trump said US would only deal with killing terrorists and the nation building and economic stability part would be outsourced to India. Well , can that happen with Pakistan on the border? Really?

Frankly speaking there is only one thing that is worth mentioning in Trump’s Afghan policy speech. It is Trump’s love for Afghanistan. He did not say it but it is implied just like the so many other implications Afghans and Pakistanis have brought to the table. To understand this we need to go back in time. So lets get on with it and see what happened step by step:

  • Post 9/11 US asked Afghanistan to hand over Osama bin Laden and ask Al Qaeda to leave (yes – just that)
  • The Taliban government refused awarding US a war decree and they obliged by attacking Afghanistan.
  • Pakistan , under Musharraf, provided all sort of support as a neighbor with reports of ports and air bases put under US control for their troop and supplies movement (secretly , however)
  •  US bombed Afghanistan like hell. Drove Taliban out of Kabul. Installed a new government.  A guerrilla war began with the Taliban who used the rather difficult terrain to keep coming back at the US troops. And it kept going on and on ….
  • All sorts of civilian causalities were reported and all sides were blamed for it. Much like any other war. But things generally grew calmer over a period of 10 to 15 years. We feel both sides just got bored because apparently they were fighting for nothing. In a rather strange twist of events Osama was killed by US operation inside Pakistan.
  • So now we are into 2011 , Osama is no more. US has every reason to leave Afghanistan. There is even pressure from the Pakistani public. Many instances of blockage of their supplies. So now with the bad guy gone , shall we leave?
  • Well. Yes and no. An exist strategy was announced in 2011 but somehow US did not leave Afghanistan. They provided all sorts of reasons for that. The best of which is we are leaving -but slowly and gradually as we want to rebuild Afghanistan.

Fast forward to 2017. US was still leaving. Afghanistan was wary of them leaving. Pakistan also had issues. Trump was running for Presidency. A win would mean no more troops in Afghanistan. And ……………. he won …

Before we write the ending of this feature someone needs to watch a typical Shahrukh Khan movie. Without that you would not enjoy this.

So just like his Shahrukh’s movies when everything is lost some miracle happens for the lovers. It happened for Trump and Afghanistan. When Trump started his speech and said he wanted to leave Afghanistan and he often follows his instinct. 28 million Afghans were watching. Imagine the environment  – the suspense.

And then he said the words … not what they were waiting for all along. They listened in despair when he said “My original instinct was to pull out, and historically, I like following my instincts.”. All seemed lost. But then ……. they rose from their seats in anticipation as he said ….. ” I studied Afghanistan in great detail, and from every conceivable angle” and the hearts were in the mouth when this was uttered ….. finally …. ” the consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable”.

That was it. That was the moment. Trump the ‘destroyer’ was now ‘Trump  – the love’. or as we see it : “Trump the Love”. This wasn’t the sweetest moment though. The love song continued. He bashed Pakistan like Afghans would do. He vowed to fight the enemies of Afghanistan (that were incidentally his enemies too). But unlike the negative roles of Shark Khan , he was not obsessive “Afghans will secure and build their own nation and define their own future.’.

So like a good lover Trump will ask the troops to stay in Afghanistan , fight their enemies for them, make sure Pakistan behaves the right way, will ask India to pour in the money in return for the business opportunities India gets in US , will sacrifice his money and his troops’ lives.Will let Afghanistan find its own path , build its own image.

And what has Trump asked in return?

N O T H I N G …..

TRUE LOVE ….. is not a myth. It still exists.





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