Earthquake in Mexico

An 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit Chiapas state near the Guatemalan border on Thursday leaving at least 32 people dead and gripping the city in fear and devastation. The earthquake that is being called the ‘strongest in a century’ to hit Mexico damaged hundreds of building and resulted in Power breakdown for Mexico city.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake struck at 11:49pm local time and its epicentre was 165 kilometres west of Tapachula in Chiapas, not far from Guatemala. It had a depth of 69.7 kilometres. Tsunami warnings were also issued for the surrounding coastal areas as a result of the quake whereas power supply for estimated 1.8 million people was damaged and people were left stranded on the streets.

The earthquake caused buildings to sway violently in Mexico’s capital which is more than 1,000 kilometres away. Frightened people ran off to the streets as the buildings shook and most could not return due to safety concerns. Schools in the affected area have been closed to ensure building safety checks while power has been restored at least for some areas.

With hospitals also evacuated the injured were treated under the open sky. Rescue and relief efforts are underway in the area as more news on the disaster are coming in.


The also resulted in videos of blue and green flashes being shared by residents on social media. The lightening also called ‘earthquake lights’ by some were an unexplained phenomenon believe to be the effect of massive releases of energy from the ground.

As the death toll continues to rise #prayforMexico is trending around the world.





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