thunderstorm in karachi

At a time when Storm Harvey is looking to hit Louisiana after devastating Texas and Mumbai has witnessed record rainfalls , the trend also seems to have wreaked havoc on Karachi and also other pars of Sindh province.

As per reports Monsoon rains continued to put toll on the city of Karachi with hospitals reporting at least 11 people dead, mostly from electrocution, in Karachi.

The city is flooded and people are facing difficulties reaching offices while schools remains closed across most districts of Sindh owing to the difficult weather.

The weather system that started Wednesday, and is believed to be coming from Mumbai, is expected to last three more days. The city of Karachi , however, does not look in a position to bear the rain any further with almost all major areas flooded like never seen before.

The city also suffered from electricity failures which, apart from tripping , was also enforced in some areas for safety measures.

K-Electric has issued the following guidelines for the residents of Karachi:

Karachi is Pakistan’s largest metropolitan city but the city’s local governance has left much to be desired over the past few years. A city that was always difficult to manage even in normal circumstances becomes a management nightmare in trying situations like these. The mayor of Karachi has already appeared on local channels and complained of lack of resources to handle the crisis. It is yet to be seen if the provincial government takes some special measures in this situation.

We leave you with some tweets containing pictures and videos that represent the flooding Karachi is experiencing right now:



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24th August 2017

The Thunderstorm that took 19 lives and crippled Karachi

The weather in Karachi returned to normality Wednesday night after two days of heavy rain with thunder and gutsy winds that shook Karachi.  The death toll from the thunderstorm was not officially announced by the local administration though different hospitals confirmed 19 deaths mainly from electrocution and roof collapses.

Karachi has unfortunately been under the radar for its worst local administration and recently landed in the Top 5 on the worst cities to live in the world index. For an administration that is not under control in normal circumstances a calamity like this is almost unmanageable and it was evident from the way the storm took its toll on Karachi.

Sadly the storm came and went. Lives were lost. Life in the city was crippled with flooding rain water but the administrators somehow just passed the moment. As usual there is no discussion of a long term plan to encounter such threats in future. Karachi is suspect to even a Tsunami looking at the weather patterns emerging and one fears for the city that has been unable to manage even basic garbage dumping despite the issue lingering on for so man years now.

Rest assured the residents of Karachi need to take notice of it if the administration doesn’t. There must be public pressure on the politicians to find out a solution of the mess Karachi has landed in. Otherwise things do not look good for the city and its residents.

We leave you with some coverage of the heavy thunderstorm by Karachiites:



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