Highway collapsed as a result of earthquake in mexico

Less than two weeks after the most powerful earthquake in the century hit Mexico, the area was jolted by another massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake that knocked down 40 buildings in Mexico and nearby states. According to Mexico civil defense agency the catastrophe has taken over 226 lives.

The figure is , unfortunately, expected to climb as the rescue operations are underway and while people are being rescued from the rubble there are fears of more dead bodies being recovered from the rubble.

Official authorities confirmed that around 40 buildings collapsed in Mexico city with rubble falling and crashing cars while some of the buildings also had people inside. According to the residents this was much more powerful than the earthquake two weeks ago and the immediate destruction also confirmed that. Most people remained on the streets fearing going back into their buildings following the earthquake.

We bring you some coverage on the unfortunate catastrophe as we pray for the safety of those still trapped in the rubble.







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