1. Reflect, Be Wise and Plan ahead

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“One who often reflects, develops his foresight.”

“Wisdom is the name of the trait of remembering experiences and making use of them. The best experience is the one which gives the best warning and advice.”

“For every action there is a reaction.”


2. Know the art of Man Management:

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“Treat those with consideration and kindness over whom you have power and authority.”

“If your kindness or indulgence is going to bring forth cruel results, then severity of strictness is the real kindness.”

3. Choose the right Advisers:

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“Often you obtain warnings and advice from people who are not fit to warn and advise you and often you come across advisers who are not sincere.”

“Take care so as not to be fooled by flattery.”

4. Grab the Opportunities:

“Take advantage of opportunities before they turn their backs on you.”

“The worst form of follies is to waste opportunities of this life as well as to lose salvation.”

“Opportunities do not repeat themselves.”

“Often small returns prove as beneficial as big profits.”


5.Take calculated risk and learn to embrace failure:

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“Every arrow of yours will not hit the bull’s eye.”

“Everyone who tries cannot succeed.”

“There is an element of risk and speculation in every trade as well as danger of loss.”

“Do not run the risk of endangering yourself through irrational, unreasonable and extravagant hopes.”


6. Conduct your affairs with honesty:

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“Contentment and honesty are the lasting assets to retain one’s prestige and position.”

“Nothing in this world is really useful to you unless it has some utility and value for you for the next world. If you at all want to lament over things which you have lost in this world then worry about the loss of things which had immortal values for you.”



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